The *Official* Blog of the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair.

06 April 2011

Back in Stock: DEETS!

Some of you may be familiar with the delightful little bots made by the Ann Arbor based artist known as Deets. We here at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair are all circuits buzzing because she just dropped off a new shipment, a veritable ARMY of unique little robots!

Support local art! Support the programs of 826michigan! Support robots! All for the low price of $16 a pop. Hope to see you soon!

01 April 2011

Our Window -- In Chicago!

Many of you have walked by the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and seen our new window, a community art project of robot drawings:

It's been a huge hit. Scores of people have admired, commented on, and enjoyed the hundreds of drawings created by attendees of 826michigan's Mittenfest V.

If you happened by last week, you may have noticed that they were gone. That's because they took a little trip to Chicago to attend the Automate 2011 Conference. They were included in a display about robots. Pretty neat, don't you think? You can see them and learn more about the event (and robots) by watching this video, made by The Very Idea's Christine Gardner. We were thrilled to be included.

The display is back, and back up. Stop by this weekend and check it out!