The *Official* Blog of the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair.

22 November 2011

Wake Up, Humans!

Robots are generally not classified as "morning bots" or "not morning bots." They turn on when you program them to, and they work steadily until you program them to stop.

Not so with humans. Humans need alarm clocks and all manner of other accoutrements to help them rise and shine in the morning. As you have come to know and trust the Liberty Brand for a variety of products that fit under the category "helpful to humans" (for example...ROBOTS), it should come as no surprise that, in addition to alarm clocks, we now have an item in stock certain to rewire your brain instantly to "morning person."

We present to you today: Roos Robot Roast. It's more than just something to put into your Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair mug! It's a delicious and strong brew that will get your engines humming, day or night! Brewed locally by our good friends at Roos Roast, this one-of-a-kind coffee is the only one we know of that:
  • Wakes you and turns you into a fully functioning human, and
  • Helps to provide free tutoring, workshops, in-class support, and more to area students aged 6-18 at 826michigan.
So, essentially, you can FEEL GOOD about the fact that you are FEELING SO GOOD. (Doesn't coffee make you feel SO GOOD? What about enriching the lives of young people? SO GOOD!)

Stop by today and pick up a bag; amaze yourself tomorrow with how much you are able to accomplish. A bag of Roos Robot Roast is just $9, and if you need a stylish robot shop mug to put it in, we'll be happy to supply you with one of those as well for the reasonable price of $7.

Hope to see you soon!

18 November 2011

You Really Have to SEE It in Person!

We're, well, basically kinda famous for our holiday windows around here.

From our first, featuring spinning, ice-skating bots in a "Robot Winter Wonderland":

To the award-winning "The Gearbots":

And last year's "Better Bot's Workshop":

We are sort of getting a reputation.

There are several facts about our windows:
  • They are always very clever.
  • They can be described as "visually arresting."
  • They have a high nose-pressed-to-glass factor.
  • They tend to stop people in their tracks.
  • They can be very, very difficult to photograph.
Our new holiday window falls into all of the above categories, particularly the last one. Turns out five hundred holiday lights, thirty yards of felt, one roll of chicken wire, and one robot very slowly making a snow angel is not an easy thing to capture on film.

We've tried our best, here:

But please stop by the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and see it for yourself, in action! It looks particularly arresting after dark.

And while you're here, you can stock up on robot cord wrappers, robot key covers, robot tea infusers, robot zipper pulls, robot socks, robot hats, robot lunchboxes, robot umbrellas, robot hands, robot backpacks, robot water bottles, and more OH MY SO MUCH MORE.

09 November 2011

The Robot Takeover is Scheduled for Monday, November 21.

We are thrilled to announce that just yesterday we dropped off the disc with our first-ever holiday catalog at the printer! We are even more thrilled to announce that we are hard at work on a matching website that will make it so easy for people from ANYWHERE to do their holiday shopping at the robot shop.

Reasons Why You Should Do Your Holiday Shopping at the Robot Shop
(or the Robot Shop Website)

  1. First and foremost, always: Because ALL PROCEEDS from the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair benefit the free student programming at 826michigan. It is -- literally -- the gift that keeps on giving, providing young people in southeastern Michigan with free tutoring, writing workshops, and more!
  2. Where else can you find one-of-a-kind gifts like our Create-Your-Own Robot Soul, Better Bot's Head Massaging Attachment, or Robot Tears? (Answer: Nowhere else. Literally.)
  3. Where else can you find unique and unusual and clever gifts for everyone on your list, like Robot Measuring Cups, Robot Monkey Tissues, a Talking Friend Watch, an Electric Plane Launcher Kit, or a Twirling Spaghetti Fork? (Answer: Honestly, probably a couple of different places. But certainly not all in the same place, and certainly not with all proceeds going to a literacy-based non-profit that offers in-class support every week to thirteen teachers in six local schools.)
Other Things to Know about our Holiday Catalog and Website
  1. The website launches on Monday, November 21.
  2. It will be located at
  3. It features about seventy of our best, most popular, cutest, coolest, most innovative products. Surely something for just about everyone on your list.
  4. 826michigan's super-famous and widely-loved student publications are, of course, included.
  5. It's quick! It's easy! You can knock out most or all of your holiday shopping in a few mouse clicks!
  6. We have flat-rate shipping: Just $5 to anywhere in the continental US!
If we haven't convinced you by now, we don't know what to say. Oh! We'll also have a slew of logo apparel for sale, featuring our beloved logo, including t-shirts, hoodies, onesies, tote bags, and stickers! Now you are convinced!

So mark your calendars: The Robot Takeover (or some version of it) will take place on Monday, November 21. Hope to see you there.