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20 December 2011

Product Spotlight: Nose SO Bright!

Today is a day for some light.

It's the beginning of Hanukkah (saved you having to Google that AGAIN; you're welcome), very nearly the winter solstice, and the countdown to Christmas is getting VERY real.

We at Liberty Street Robot Supply and Repair know that today's busy consumer has many illumination options. BUT as the Midwest's finest purveyor of robot supplies -- one might say a leading light in the industry -- we believe that we can offer something unique in this field.

With our Nose-So-Bright Seasonal Attachment, you can count on your robot to guide the way through even the darkest of nights. Here's our Staff Robot, Catherine, modelling the Nose-So-Bright:

(Staff Robot Catherine recently received the "chagrined" Emotion Upgrade! Look how well it interfaces with Nose-So-Bright!)

Stop into Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair TODAY for your very own Nose-So-Bright! Or visit to browse our wares. And from all of the Staff Robots here at 826michigan, may you have a very warm and festive holiday season!

15 December 2011

Product Spotlight: Happy not-quite-Hanukkah!

Hi everybody! It's me, The Other Amy (also known as Amywilson). I'll be guiding you through the wonderful world of the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair while Amy Sumerton takes care of The Other Baby (also known as Violet, a real baby).

Today, I'm here to share with you some delightful products and amusing videos. But first, let me reveal a truth some would prefer to hide. Are you constantly confused by the fact that Hanukkah seems to jump around the calendar like a hyped-up frog (perhaps one who croaks for eight nights with only one gulp of pond water?) SECRET: Jewish people are too. I myself am what I like to call "arguably Jewish", and every year I have to Google "when does Hanukkah start?"

If you try it, you will surmise that is a VERY commonly Googled query. They say that Hanukkah, like all other Jewish holidays, is reckoned by the lunar calendar, hence the crazy jumps-around. But who knows what a lunar calendar is? Sounds fishy to me.

In any case, whenever Hanukkah happens to fall, I personally find it a delightful holiday. Some notable musicians agree. If you like to smile, please check out the following videos.

1. The Maccabeats, the a capella group from Yeshiva University, sing a Hanukkah-themed version of the pop song "Dynamite":

2. Matisyahu, the best observantly-Jewish reggae-influenced musician in the biz today, joins the Hanukkah music fray with this brilliantly weird video:

Watched them? Good. Now that you are in a festive mood (because you ARE in a festive mood, right?), lay your eyeballs on THIS festival of lights:

Oh yes, friends, your eyes do not deceive you. Never let it be said that Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair is not all-inclusive in its vending of robot-themed holiday items! The LED Menorah is one of my personal favorite products in the robot store, simply because it rides a very charming line between Actually Kind Of Practical (there are situations in which lighting Hanukkah candles is ill-advised -- for instance, in a car? Or whilst touring your friend's carpentry workshop?) and Totally Wacky (LED. MENORAH.)

Come on down to Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair to get your very own LED Menorah! Get it while it's. . .not hot!

(While writing this post I totally forgot when Hanukkah starts and had to Google it AGAIN. I will save you the trouble: sundown on Tuesday, December 20.)

(Also, if anyone wants to start a Judaica a capella group of our very own here at 826michigan, let me know. I'm thinking: The Macca-Bots.)

06 December 2011

Product Spotlight: Create-Your-Own Robot Soul!

What do you get for the bot who has everything? The Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair has made it so easy to keep your robot updated, upgraded, and fully functional, that's a question more and more robot owners are asking.

Ask no more; we've got just the thing! Get your robot a SOUL. At the robot shop, we've got a number of souls to choose from, each with its own tune, from "Imagine" to "What a Wonderful World" to "Let it Be" to "Stairway to Heaven," "Hava Nagila," and more.

But perhaps that's not enough for YOUR bot. You have a very special bot, and you want to give it a very special soul. Allow us to offer: the Liberty Brand Create-Your-Own Robot Soul:

This clever kit contains everything you'll need to create the perfect, custom-made soul your robot so desperately needs!

Stop into the robot shop today and pick one up! Or, if you don't live near the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, order one ONLINE in our new online store by clicking here. ($5 flat-rate shipping!)

And, as ever, all proceeds benefit the free student programs at 826michigan! It really is the gift that keeps on giving. Support a small, independently owned business and fund an educational non-profit at the same time!

01 December 2011

Third-Annual BotChoir!

Here's an event that really SELLS ITSELF. To prove our point, we'll just describe it to you:
  1. People dress up in robot costumes.
  2. The same people come up with robot-themed versions of holiday carols.
  3. These people in the costumes with the carols practice until they sound good and robotic.
  4. BotChoir is born.
You're intrigued, right? You actively want to see it. And all we had to do was just explain the concept!

Every year, for downtown Ann Arbor's Midnight Madness event, BotChoir performs in front of the robot shop, every hour on the hour between 7 and 10pm. As with MANY things that only happen once a year (your birthday, New Year's Eve), it's a super-special event not to be missed. This year, Midnight Madness happens on Friday, December 2.

So stop by! BotChoir performs at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm on the sidewalk in front of the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. We do a stunning binary version of "Carol of the Bells." We really drag out the "Fa. La. La. La." part of "Deck the Halls" to make it sound more robotic. We delight humans of all ages!

And after you watch BotChoir, pop into the robot shop and finish off your holiday gift purchases. In addition to all the clever and unique gifts you've come to expect from the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, we'll have 20 percent off all of our student publications (an AWESOME gift for anyone!).

Hope to see you there!