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01 December 2011

Third-Annual BotChoir!

Here's an event that really SELLS ITSELF. To prove our point, we'll just describe it to you:
  1. People dress up in robot costumes.
  2. The same people come up with robot-themed versions of holiday carols.
  3. These people in the costumes with the carols practice until they sound good and robotic.
  4. BotChoir is born.
You're intrigued, right? You actively want to see it. And all we had to do was just explain the concept!

Every year, for downtown Ann Arbor's Midnight Madness event, BotChoir performs in front of the robot shop, every hour on the hour between 7 and 10pm. As with MANY things that only happen once a year (your birthday, New Year's Eve), it's a super-special event not to be missed. This year, Midnight Madness happens on Friday, December 2.

So stop by! BotChoir performs at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm on the sidewalk in front of the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. We do a stunning binary version of "Carol of the Bells." We really drag out the "Fa. La. La. La." part of "Deck the Halls" to make it sound more robotic. We delight humans of all ages!

And after you watch BotChoir, pop into the robot shop and finish off your holiday gift purchases. In addition to all the clever and unique gifts you've come to expect from the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, we'll have 20 percent off all of our student publications (an AWESOME gift for anyone!).

Hope to see you there!

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