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20 December 2011

Product Spotlight: Nose SO Bright!

Today is a day for some light.

It's the beginning of Hanukkah (saved you having to Google that AGAIN; you're welcome), very nearly the winter solstice, and the countdown to Christmas is getting VERY real.

We at Liberty Street Robot Supply and Repair know that today's busy consumer has many illumination options. BUT as the Midwest's finest purveyor of robot supplies -- one might say a leading light in the industry -- we believe that we can offer something unique in this field.

With our Nose-So-Bright Seasonal Attachment, you can count on your robot to guide the way through even the darkest of nights. Here's our Staff Robot, Catherine, modelling the Nose-So-Bright:

(Staff Robot Catherine recently received the "chagrined" Emotion Upgrade! Look how well it interfaces with Nose-So-Bright!)

Stop into Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair TODAY for your very own Nose-So-Bright! Or visit to browse our wares. And from all of the Staff Robots here at 826michigan, may you have a very warm and festive holiday season!

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