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04 December 2012

A One-Hundred Percent Inorganic Holiday Meal with the Gearbots: Our New Window!

See it in person for all the charming robotic details!

It's the "most" "wonderful" "time" of the year and here at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair we're in high gear for the holidays. Come see our wide variety of new robot supplies, novelties, and necessities! Come interface with our Staff-Bots, newly upgraded with "holiday cheer"! 

And while you're here spend some time feasting your eyes on our new window display. The  scene features our great friends and holiday favorites, the Gearbots, sitting down to a holiday meal with their family and friends (and our new product line, FOOD*).

FOOD* is a full range of sustenance, created with the discerning robot owner in mind.  Conscientious bot owners want only the crudest, most synthetic ingredients for their bots. It's the taste* they crave**, the nutrition*** they need****!

*Not actually flavored
*Only if your robot is programmed to crave.
***Not actually nutritious
****Robots do not have needs. 


LSRS&R sat down with the mastermind behind our new display, designer Oliver Uberti. (Oliver was capably assisted by Store Intern Cecilia Latiolais [VotM October 2012].)

LSRS&R: The window display is a peek into the life of the Gearbots. How did you become acquainted with Ann Arbor's leading robot family? What should a human audience know about the Gearbots?

Oliver Uberti: I've long considered the Gearbots to be close family friends of mine, but they had no idea who I was. When I moved back to town recently, I thought I'd try to connect with them again, and this year the Gearbots invited me to help prepare a grand holiday feast.

Everybody knows that robots consume oil. What people don't know is that the Gearbots are very conscientious eaters. They don't just put any oil into their bodies. They're very committed to a diet that is one-hundred percent inorganic, nothing "natural" or "chemical-free". 

Of course the younger generation of Gearbots love sweets -- which is why they feed on sweet, clean electricity  provided by the family dog, Sol.

LSRS&R: Our new line has been called* "a welcome addition to the range of feeding options for a robot owner looking for a nutrition** system as attractive as it is wholesome***. What considerations went into the label and product design?

*By us. 

**Not actually nutritious; see above.

***For a certain definition of wholesome.

OU: It started with the window itself. Since LSRS&R is a store catering to robots and the people who love them, I was itching to see more metal and shiny chrome. For the labels of the FOOD* line, I chose a high-key color palette that offsets that neutral metallic theme -- screamin' orange, screamin' green.

I was also thinking of an owner's relationship to a robot as something similar to her relationship to her car or her pet. People who love their cars buy great stuff for their cars; people who love their pets buy high-quality pet food. FOOD* is an option for robot owners who want to give their bots nothing but the best.

In addition to FOOD*'s main line of sustenance, it also includes a variety of power boosts like Horsepower, Torque, and Velocity. These are similar to something like whey protein powder a human would put in a smoothie -- they're qualities every busy robot needs. 

The compelling* copy for FOOD* was written by Amy Sumerton and C. Jason DePasquale.

*Actually, in fact, compelling.


Thank you, Oliver! The Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair is honored to be an exclusive purveyor of the FOOD line, endorsed by the Gearbots themselves. 

Bring the whole humanoid family down to LSRS&R this season or visit, where you'll find everything you need to make this the "jolliest" robot holiday yet.



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