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29 July 2010

This! Just! In! The Robo Vacüm!

Are you tired of having to wipe off your desk? Do you get crumbs everywhere? Do you only get crumbs some places, but you are very perturbed by them? Do you have crumbinabed? Are you spending all your money on dusters, cleaners, and wasteful paper towels?

Weep no more, dear reader: This is your day.

The Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair now carries the amazing, astounding, and absolutely adorable Robo Vacüm:

This smart looking little fellow will:
  • Quickly clean up crumbs on the kitchen counter!
  • Efficiently pick up desktop debris!
  • Clear sawdust and other dry materials from your workshop!
  • Suck up thick layers of dust!
Furthermore, the Robo Vacüm is programmed to get along with almost all other models and brands of robot, as it is factory-installed with a NonConfronTModeTM chip. No longer do you have to deal with the long and complicated process of integrating a new bot into your home!

Stop into the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair today, and have a cleaner, clearer, and easier-to-manage life tomorrow. The Robo Vacüm is available in red, gray, and white, and can be yours right now for $16.

23 July 2010

Robot Art Fair Happening Now -- What Are You Waiting For?

If you have a free moment coming up this evening or tomorrow, why don't you do yourself the great service of stopping by our first-ever Robot Art Fair? There is no getting around the Ann Arbor Art Fair in July, and so we decided to stage a robot takeover of said fair. (Update: Takeover of Art Fair, unsuccessful; staging of Robot Art Fair highly successful.)

You can see more info about it here and here, and, of course, links to each artist on our main website: here.

Or, hey, what the heck, HERE:

The Robot Art Fair runs from 12pm to 6pm every day of Art Fair, which gives you today and tomorrow to stop by and check it out. Twenty percent of the proceeds support free student programming at 826michigan.

Furthermore, the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair is offering special deals for Art Fair, such as deeply discounted back issues of the Believer, McSweeney's, and more, including Dave Eggers' The Wild Things and 826michigan publications at ridiculously low prices.

14 July 2010


The Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair made it, once again, onto the Stopped. Watched. part of the Ann Arbor Chronicle! Check it out here. And thanks to Julie W, you...pretty much made our day.

Here it is once again, in case you've missed it:

13 July 2010

Buddy Central Gets a Makeover!

We had many, MANY late-night epiphanies when we began putting together the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. When putting together a robot shop, as it happens, suddenly everything seems vaguely robotic. Anything made out of metal? Probably a robot. Every appliance in your house? Definitely a robot (especially if you glue googly eyes onto it).

The most lasting of these epiphanies created one of the most beloved products in our store: Bot Buddies. Essentially, we determined that wind-up toys are practically robots, and therefore can bridge the gap between human and robot.

For example: When you eat sushi, quite often your robot will eye you warily. He doesn't understand sushi or the appeal of it. He doesn't know what a delightful sensation it is to eat it. But with our line of Bot Buddies, you and your bot can enjoy sushi together. He can spend time with wind-up nigiri, while you enjoy actual raw fish.

AT ANY RATE. In the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, we have Buddy Central, a testing ground for all of our wind-ups. And late last night, Buddy Central got a makeover, making it look like this:

Is that the head of French-Canadian-bot from our Mustache-a-Thon 2009 window with the body of that weird contraption we've had sitting in the basement for more than two years? Why yes, it is! Aren't you smart for noticing?

Stop by the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and test out some Bot Buddies! We've got sushi, all manner of animals and insects, robots, and more!

We also have all this stuff:

This stuff:

And all this stuff:

And don't forget this stuff:

Aaaand a bunch of other stuff, like these beauties, our limited-edition robot travel posters, made especially for us by local designer Ben English, which are not too far from selling out:

Hope to see you soon! ONWARD ROBOTS.

09 July 2010

News Flash: Dog Destroys Robot Store Window Display.

Ann Arbor, MI -- about two hours ago. Some of you may know Cousteau, the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair's Resident Robodog.

Cousteau was created and programmed by Dr. Thaddeus Blotch himself to guard the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair from vandals, thieves, tramps, gypsies, pickpockets, and kleptomaniacs. Earlier this afternoon, however, wires within our dear robodog apparently crossed, and the unthinkable happened. Cousteau, our sworn (or at least programmed) protector turned against us.

Passersby have no doubt seen our amazing new window, Origin of the Species:

A commentary not only on technology but also all of humanity, Origin of the Species starts with a toasterbot and slowly evolves into a microwavebot that has its own toasterbot. It's thought-provoking, it's eye-catching, it's both funny and deep, and now, thanks to Cousteau, it's ruined.

While it pains me to go over the details, I'm sure you're all curious, and so I will. Shortly after lunch, Cousteau jumped into the window display and ate one of the pieces of toast, muddling the concept, destroying the aesthetic, and scattering crumbs about the stage. And now, our beloved microwavebot has only one piece of toast, and it's in the wrong side of the toaster. (As you well know, when only one piece of toast is being made, there is a particular slot to put it in.)

So here stands our destroyed bot:

Let us all take a moment to mourn the loss of one of our favorite windows. You are welcome to stop by and check it out, but bring tissues, as it is quite disturbing. We will begin work on our next window sooner than anticipated, as there is no salvaging this one, and we are worried about the toll passing by it will take on people in our community.

Cousteau has been dismantled and will be reprogrammed by Dr. Blotch later this afternoon. Apparently someone who owns a nice farm where he'll have lots of room to run around is interested in adopting him. We'll keep you posted.

Anyone who has a candidate for our new Resident Robodog should send them post haste to our store manager, Amy:

08 July 2010

This! Just! In!

Are you tired of your robot not being able to reach things that are thirty-six inches away from it? Do you want your bot to pick things up off the floor without having to bend over? Do you have a bunch of books on your top shelf that you haven't read because your Librarybot 3000 can't get to them?

Friends: THIS is your day.

We at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair are so delighted we're blowing fuses over the new Thirty-Six-Inch Robot Claw Attachment Piece. This sleek, stylish, and easy-to-install add-on will enable your bot to do the following:
  • Clean off the top of your refrigerator!
  • Grab that vase from the cupboard above the stove!
  • Keep people you don't want to be close to three feet away from you!
  • Replace your standard yardstick!
  • Dust your ceiling fan!
  • ...and much, much more!
Robotier, rock star, and all-around creative genius Mariah Cherem shows how classy it looks, while maintaining functionality:

These amazing attachments are currently on sale in the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair for only $9! Stop in today before they sell out!

01 July 2010

This! Just! In!

This just in at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair:

Baby robots in need of adoption and 3D robot greeting cards!

Designed by illustrator, toy designer, and cartoonist Shawn Amberger, these are stylish and fun gifts for robots and humans alike. And yes, that is a robot Elvis head. And yes, it's for sale too.