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13 July 2010

Buddy Central Gets a Makeover!

We had many, MANY late-night epiphanies when we began putting together the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. When putting together a robot shop, as it happens, suddenly everything seems vaguely robotic. Anything made out of metal? Probably a robot. Every appliance in your house? Definitely a robot (especially if you glue googly eyes onto it).

The most lasting of these epiphanies created one of the most beloved products in our store: Bot Buddies. Essentially, we determined that wind-up toys are practically robots, and therefore can bridge the gap between human and robot.

For example: When you eat sushi, quite often your robot will eye you warily. He doesn't understand sushi or the appeal of it. He doesn't know what a delightful sensation it is to eat it. But with our line of Bot Buddies, you and your bot can enjoy sushi together. He can spend time with wind-up nigiri, while you enjoy actual raw fish.

AT ANY RATE. In the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, we have Buddy Central, a testing ground for all of our wind-ups. And late last night, Buddy Central got a makeover, making it look like this:

Is that the head of French-Canadian-bot from our Mustache-a-Thon 2009 window with the body of that weird contraption we've had sitting in the basement for more than two years? Why yes, it is! Aren't you smart for noticing?

Stop by the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and test out some Bot Buddies! We've got sushi, all manner of animals and insects, robots, and more!

We also have all this stuff:

This stuff:

And all this stuff:

And don't forget this stuff:

Aaaand a bunch of other stuff, like these beauties, our limited-edition robot travel posters, made especially for us by local designer Ben English, which are not too far from selling out:

Hope to see you soon! ONWARD ROBOTS.

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