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09 July 2010

News Flash: Dog Destroys Robot Store Window Display.

Ann Arbor, MI -- about two hours ago. Some of you may know Cousteau, the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair's Resident Robodog.

Cousteau was created and programmed by Dr. Thaddeus Blotch himself to guard the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair from vandals, thieves, tramps, gypsies, pickpockets, and kleptomaniacs. Earlier this afternoon, however, wires within our dear robodog apparently crossed, and the unthinkable happened. Cousteau, our sworn (or at least programmed) protector turned against us.

Passersby have no doubt seen our amazing new window, Origin of the Species:

A commentary not only on technology but also all of humanity, Origin of the Species starts with a toasterbot and slowly evolves into a microwavebot that has its own toasterbot. It's thought-provoking, it's eye-catching, it's both funny and deep, and now, thanks to Cousteau, it's ruined.

While it pains me to go over the details, I'm sure you're all curious, and so I will. Shortly after lunch, Cousteau jumped into the window display and ate one of the pieces of toast, muddling the concept, destroying the aesthetic, and scattering crumbs about the stage. And now, our beloved microwavebot has only one piece of toast, and it's in the wrong side of the toaster. (As you well know, when only one piece of toast is being made, there is a particular slot to put it in.)

So here stands our destroyed bot:

Let us all take a moment to mourn the loss of one of our favorite windows. You are welcome to stop by and check it out, but bring tissues, as it is quite disturbing. We will begin work on our next window sooner than anticipated, as there is no salvaging this one, and we are worried about the toll passing by it will take on people in our community.

Cousteau has been dismantled and will be reprogrammed by Dr. Blotch later this afternoon. Apparently someone who owns a nice farm where he'll have lots of room to run around is interested in adopting him. We'll keep you posted.

Anyone who has a candidate for our new Resident Robodog should send them post haste to our store manager, Amy:

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