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23 July 2010

Robot Art Fair Happening Now -- What Are You Waiting For?

If you have a free moment coming up this evening or tomorrow, why don't you do yourself the great service of stopping by our first-ever Robot Art Fair? There is no getting around the Ann Arbor Art Fair in July, and so we decided to stage a robot takeover of said fair. (Update: Takeover of Art Fair, unsuccessful; staging of Robot Art Fair highly successful.)

You can see more info about it here and here, and, of course, links to each artist on our main website: here.

Or, hey, what the heck, HERE:

The Robot Art Fair runs from 12pm to 6pm every day of Art Fair, which gives you today and tomorrow to stop by and check it out. Twenty percent of the proceeds support free student programming at 826michigan.

Furthermore, the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair is offering special deals for Art Fair, such as deeply discounted back issues of the Believer, McSweeney's, and more, including Dave Eggers' The Wild Things and 826michigan publications at ridiculously low prices.

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this. This was definitely a highlight of the art fair for my kids ... and for me and my wife too.