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29 July 2010

This! Just! In! The Robo Vacüm!

Are you tired of having to wipe off your desk? Do you get crumbs everywhere? Do you only get crumbs some places, but you are very perturbed by them? Do you have crumbinabed? Are you spending all your money on dusters, cleaners, and wasteful paper towels?

Weep no more, dear reader: This is your day.

The Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair now carries the amazing, astounding, and absolutely adorable Robo Vacüm:

This smart looking little fellow will:
  • Quickly clean up crumbs on the kitchen counter!
  • Efficiently pick up desktop debris!
  • Clear sawdust and other dry materials from your workshop!
  • Suck up thick layers of dust!
Furthermore, the Robo Vacüm is programmed to get along with almost all other models and brands of robot, as it is factory-installed with a NonConfronTModeTM chip. No longer do you have to deal with the long and complicated process of integrating a new bot into your home!

Stop into the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair today, and have a cleaner, clearer, and easier-to-manage life tomorrow. The Robo Vacüm is available in red, gray, and white, and can be yours right now for $16.

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