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13 December 2010

Stock Up, Stock Stockings: A Staff Review

When we prepared to open the robot shop, almost three years ago now, my dear friend Rachel Lieberman came back from Boston with a present for me. It was a little Kikkerland Robot named Spinney, and it looked like this:

We searched high and low for the retailer, which sounds easy enough, but through a series of missteps, failed communications, distributors disappearing, and other waylayers of the best laid plans, it took us well over a year to track down these delightful little bots. I am pleased to tell you that we now offer a full line -- over twenty varieties of Kikkerland Robots:

These robots are cleverly designed, and, at $5-20 a pop, totally affordable. Better yet, they are incredibly durable. Spinney has been with me for almost three years, and in that time, attended no fewer than thirty niece sleepovers, at which he is a fought-after commodity. Although my nieces, who have, during these three years, ranged in age from three to eighteen (I have a lot of them -- eight, to be exact), have put him through any number of windings and tug-of-wars, he is still ticking along, and still everyone's most sought-after breakfast neighbor.

Stop on in to the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and stock up! They come in a range of sizes, colors, and functions, fit perfectly in the standard stocking, and are sure to entertain people (in my experience) aged three to seventy-one.

Stock all your stockings at the robot shop! We've got wholly unique, wow-worthy items like robot candy, robot stickers, pocketbots, pens, robot tattoos, kitchen timers, pepper-grinders, clippers, magnets, and all manner of ingenious tools that will fit perfectly in any size of stocking, and cost you between fifty cents and ten bucks, all proceeds of which support the free student programs at 826michigan.

09 December 2010

Two Toupees? But Of Course!

And now, at long last, what you've been waiting -- no doubt -- all year for: A product review from Harry Hareton, lead director of Homophone Research and Alliterative Allegations, who rents a very small space from us here at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair (namely, part of 826michigan's famed dungeon).

Egads! I tried to say no to this nonsense the first five times I was asked, but holy heck these people are persistent. (It doesn't help that I have to walk by a horde of robotiers on the way to my only office each day, where I hoard, among other things, tater tots.) Regardless! As a boldly bald man with a no-longer-bald bot, I do have a few fine things to say about LSRS&R's robot toupees.

First I'll say, I was never much into robots. But my aunt, an electrical engineer, designed a small one for me one summer to take care of an ant problem I was having, and I've since been hooked. Of course, she later billed me for the little guy, causing me to research how to build my own.

Which I have done, by way of the ButterBot, a chubby, bald-headed cyborg who has been a great source of company to me; the only problem with BB being that there was a hole on the top of his headpiece, and I couldn't find anything that would cover the whole of it. Enter those raving robotiers over at the robot retailer in town. Who introduced me and BB to:

Robot Toupee/Party Hat and the Robot Toupee/Party Hat Redux. Each one lends its own funny flavor to your bot's noddin' noggin at any social function.

I first affixed the original Robot Toupee/Party Hat to BB's head, and, while you could see, if you looked closely, a small seam along the edge, it would seem to have been made for his head. The original Robot Toupee/Party Hat is perfect for New Year's Eve parties, and any other festivity that encourages frolicking. Its frosty glow only emphasizes the dreamy sway of the fiber optics.

Now, the Robot Toupee/Party Hat Redux, on the other hand, is the sole toupee you'll need for dance parties, raves, and, may I recommend, Ann Arbor's Soul Club. It blinks in time to music, and will make even a weak week way wilder!

So there you have it! Highest recommendations from Harry Hareton on both counts. Stop by the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair today and pick one, or both, up. Nothing dresses up your bot better!

07 December 2010

Now On Sale at the LSRS&R: Robot Souls and Create-Your-Own Robot Souls!

Looking for the perfect way to let your bot know how much you care in a way that will really make an impact this holiday season? Why not buy him or her a Liberty Brand Robot Soul? Easy to install on most makes and models of robot, the Liberty Brand Robot Soul is the ultimate upgrade for just about any bot.

This year, we have more options for your bot's incorporeal essence than ever before! It all depends on your own spiritual and philosophical preferences. We have, in stock:
  • "My Funny Valentine" for a light-hearted bot
  • "Stairway to Heaven," which can be played forward or backward, your choice
  • "Yesterday" if you'd like the installation itself to evoke ouroboros
  • "What a Wonderful World" for a carefree bot
  • "Hava Nagila" for a rejoicing and/or Jewish bot
Or, if you'd rather be in charge of the tune in your robot's soul, we offer our one-of-a-kind Liberty Brand Create-Your-Own Robot Soul, which gives you everything you'll need to compose the self you install in your robot.

Both are affordable for all robot owners, priced at $8 and $9 each respectively. Stop on in to the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair today and stuff your bot's stocking with the gift of animism.

03 December 2010

Better Bot's Factory & Workshop!

At long last, a gorgeous new store window! Stop by tonight to check out Better Bot's Factory & Workshop at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair.

If that photo didn't convince you, we'll have special deals for Midnight Madness, and we'll be open, you guessed it, until midnight. Furthermore, BotChoir -- a group certainly not to be missed -- will be performing in front of the shop every hour on the hour from 8pm-11pm.

01 December 2010

Happy Robotichannukah! & A Very Special Guest Reviewer

Happy Hannukah, friends! It is not too late to stop into the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair to stock up on all of your Robotichannukah needs.

And, today, we are THRILLED to have Jeopardy! Champion Amy Wilson, who is 50 percent Jewish, and, therefore, a knowledgeable reviewer from at least two angles, with two reviews of the LED Menorah.

1. My family has two heirloom menorahs -- one with short slaves carrying short lamps, and another with tall slaves carrying tall lamps. As children, my brother and I used to fight over these menorahs. Naturally, we both wanted the tall slaves -- who wouldn't? If only we had had the LED Menorah! Then we could have fought about that instead.

LED Menorah: It's better than slaves!

2. I love celebrating Hanukkah, but as a busy young twenty-something, I'm not always home to light the candles. (Insert gray-toned image here of Amy looking sad and pensive about missing Hanukkah.) I've tried taking my menorah with me, but who wants the hassle of carrying around a HEAVY MENORAH? (Gray-toned Amy picks up menorah, drops it on foot, curses.) No matter what I do, those candles drip -- (Gray Amy shows the camera a hand immobilized by molten wax) -- smoke -- (Gray Amy frowns as people run screaming from a restaurant while fire alarms blare) -- or leave my menorah with that not-so-fresh look (Gray Amy holds up menorah crusted with years and years of wax and fossilized old matches).

Now, with my LED Menorah, I can celebrate Hanukkah wherever I go! (Smiling full-color Amy makes a big deal out of flipping the menorah switches.) The LED Menorah is clean, safe, and slips right into my bag. No more dealing with messy wax, or those awful smoky candles. L'chaim, LED Menorah!

LED Menorah: The perfect gift for your favorite Jew on the go!

Stop into the robot shop TODAY and stock up!