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13 December 2010

Stock Up, Stock Stockings: A Staff Review

When we prepared to open the robot shop, almost three years ago now, my dear friend Rachel Lieberman came back from Boston with a present for me. It was a little Kikkerland Robot named Spinney, and it looked like this:

We searched high and low for the retailer, which sounds easy enough, but through a series of missteps, failed communications, distributors disappearing, and other waylayers of the best laid plans, it took us well over a year to track down these delightful little bots. I am pleased to tell you that we now offer a full line -- over twenty varieties of Kikkerland Robots:

These robots are cleverly designed, and, at $5-20 a pop, totally affordable. Better yet, they are incredibly durable. Spinney has been with me for almost three years, and in that time, attended no fewer than thirty niece sleepovers, at which he is a fought-after commodity. Although my nieces, who have, during these three years, ranged in age from three to eighteen (I have a lot of them -- eight, to be exact), have put him through any number of windings and tug-of-wars, he is still ticking along, and still everyone's most sought-after breakfast neighbor.

Stop on in to the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and stock up! They come in a range of sizes, colors, and functions, fit perfectly in the standard stocking, and are sure to entertain people (in my experience) aged three to seventy-one.

Stock all your stockings at the robot shop! We've got wholly unique, wow-worthy items like robot candy, robot stickers, pocketbots, pens, robot tattoos, kitchen timers, pepper-grinders, clippers, magnets, and all manner of ingenious tools that will fit perfectly in any size of stocking, and cost you between fifty cents and ten bucks, all proceeds of which support the free student programs at 826michigan.

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