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01 December 2010

Happy Robotichannukah! & A Very Special Guest Reviewer

Happy Hannukah, friends! It is not too late to stop into the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair to stock up on all of your Robotichannukah needs.

And, today, we are THRILLED to have Jeopardy! Champion Amy Wilson, who is 50 percent Jewish, and, therefore, a knowledgeable reviewer from at least two angles, with two reviews of the LED Menorah.

1. My family has two heirloom menorahs -- one with short slaves carrying short lamps, and another with tall slaves carrying tall lamps. As children, my brother and I used to fight over these menorahs. Naturally, we both wanted the tall slaves -- who wouldn't? If only we had had the LED Menorah! Then we could have fought about that instead.

LED Menorah: It's better than slaves!

2. I love celebrating Hanukkah, but as a busy young twenty-something, I'm not always home to light the candles. (Insert gray-toned image here of Amy looking sad and pensive about missing Hanukkah.) I've tried taking my menorah with me, but who wants the hassle of carrying around a HEAVY MENORAH? (Gray-toned Amy picks up menorah, drops it on foot, curses.) No matter what I do, those candles drip -- (Gray Amy shows the camera a hand immobilized by molten wax) -- smoke -- (Gray Amy frowns as people run screaming from a restaurant while fire alarms blare) -- or leave my menorah with that not-so-fresh look (Gray Amy holds up menorah crusted with years and years of wax and fossilized old matches).

Now, with my LED Menorah, I can celebrate Hanukkah wherever I go! (Smiling full-color Amy makes a big deal out of flipping the menorah switches.) The LED Menorah is clean, safe, and slips right into my bag. No more dealing with messy wax, or those awful smoky candles. L'chaim, LED Menorah!

LED Menorah: The perfect gift for your favorite Jew on the go!

Stop into the robot shop TODAY and stock up!

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