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09 December 2010

Two Toupees? But Of Course!

And now, at long last, what you've been waiting -- no doubt -- all year for: A product review from Harry Hareton, lead director of Homophone Research and Alliterative Allegations, who rents a very small space from us here at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair (namely, part of 826michigan's famed dungeon).

Egads! I tried to say no to this nonsense the first five times I was asked, but holy heck these people are persistent. (It doesn't help that I have to walk by a horde of robotiers on the way to my only office each day, where I hoard, among other things, tater tots.) Regardless! As a boldly bald man with a no-longer-bald bot, I do have a few fine things to say about LSRS&R's robot toupees.

First I'll say, I was never much into robots. But my aunt, an electrical engineer, designed a small one for me one summer to take care of an ant problem I was having, and I've since been hooked. Of course, she later billed me for the little guy, causing me to research how to build my own.

Which I have done, by way of the ButterBot, a chubby, bald-headed cyborg who has been a great source of company to me; the only problem with BB being that there was a hole on the top of his headpiece, and I couldn't find anything that would cover the whole of it. Enter those raving robotiers over at the robot retailer in town. Who introduced me and BB to:

Robot Toupee/Party Hat and the Robot Toupee/Party Hat Redux. Each one lends its own funny flavor to your bot's noddin' noggin at any social function.

I first affixed the original Robot Toupee/Party Hat to BB's head, and, while you could see, if you looked closely, a small seam along the edge, it would seem to have been made for his head. The original Robot Toupee/Party Hat is perfect for New Year's Eve parties, and any other festivity that encourages frolicking. Its frosty glow only emphasizes the dreamy sway of the fiber optics.

Now, the Robot Toupee/Party Hat Redux, on the other hand, is the sole toupee you'll need for dance parties, raves, and, may I recommend, Ann Arbor's Soul Club. It blinks in time to music, and will make even a weak week way wilder!

So there you have it! Highest recommendations from Harry Hareton on both counts. Stop by the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair today and pick one, or both, up. Nothing dresses up your bot better!

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