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22 March 2011

It's Spring! We are Celebrating with TONS of New Products!

Winter is a particularly difficult season for robots. Think about how cold you get when it is freezing outside. Now imagine if you were made of metal. See what I mean?

Every spring, we celebrate the coming of warmer and wetter weather with a slew of new stuff. Check it out!
  • Robot Rainboots (sizes 10, 11, 12)
  • Robot Umbrellas
  • Better Bot's Extendable Robot Arms (goes to 20 inches!)
  • DbA's Pair of Musical Robot Lungs
  • Liberty Brand 50-Year Calendar Upgrades
  • Robot Corkscrews
  • DbA's Robot Heartlight Implants
  • Robot Bottle Buddies
  • Robot Lunch Sacs
And then there are THESE little beauties:

That's right, Robo Cupcake holders and a robot that actually breaks down into measuring cups.

And also these:

Robot Headphone Splitters, which pair nicely with our new LED Flashing Ear Buds. We also have accordion USB speakers, solar radios, solar lamps, lava lamps, and more!

Stop on in! It's a whole new Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair!

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