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17 May 2011

Happy Birthday to US!

Hey there. It seems like just yesterday that we opened our little robot shop. I remember it well. (Sort of. I mean, as well as you can remember any period of time in which you slept two hours a night for a week or two.) I remember taking naps on the floor at 826 in the wee hours of the morning. I remember heated debates about what would and would not "water down the concept of a robot supply shop." I remember a TON of people showing up on opening day, and I remember the robot dance-off we had in the alley.

But you know what? It wasn't just yesterday. In fact, it was three YEARS ago.

Which means: It's our THIRD ANNIVERSARY, right now, today! To celebrate, we are doing something straight-up crazy. We are discounting every single thing in the store by 30 PERCENT. For a store that has, literally, NEVER had a sale, this is kind of a big deal.

So stop by today for 30 percent off t-shirts, Better Bot's Positronic Brains, potato clocks, all manner of wind-ups, robot rainboots, hoodies, and more! We're open until 8pm.

It's our way of saying THANK YOU to our wonderful community. You have all supported us and laughed at us and told your friends about us and visited us and, well, just generally gotten the joke. Proceeds from the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair cover the rent and utilities for 826michigan. And that's ALL you guys. Thanks so much! And happy birthday to us!

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