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11 October 2011

Cold Weather -- It's On the Way!

It may not seem like cold weather is on the way. It's sunny and 70 degrees AGAIN today in southeastern Michigan. However, our ForeCasterBot 3000 has told us that fall-like weather is indeed coming, and it will absolutely be followed by winter-like weather that will last for "what 'feels like' 1.5 million days." Or so says ForeCasterBot 3000's print out.

Robots have it easy enough. Grease them up with Better Bot's Bot Blubber and send them on their way. But what is a human to do?

As ever, the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair has the answer, delivered today in the way of our very stylish, newly-in-stock robot shop hoodies. These pullover, kangaroo-pocketed sweatshirts are as soft and warm as can be, as well as being rakishly adorned with the robot shop logo. Take a look:

826michigan's Program Coordinator Catherine Calabro and Communications Coordinator Amy Wilson wear them well, of course, but extensive robotic studies have shown that it's impossible NOT to!

These sweatshirts come in gray with navy ink and navy with silver ink, as pictured, and can be yours today for just $30 each. Stop by the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and pick one up today! (Or, if you live far away, give us a ring! We'll send one to your very door.)

And be on the lookout for our holiday catalog, coming soon to a robot shop website near you! Hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, and more will be available for purchase with a few simple clicks of your mouse.


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