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01 December 2009

This Just In at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair: Robot Travel Posters!

We are excited to announce the arrival of our first set of limited-edition robot posters! Created especially for us by local designer Ben English, these gorgeous travel posters are screen-printed on very heavy cardstock. As you know, it is difficult for robots to feel emotions, but we are overwhelmed with glee. Perhaps our robotic hearts are biased, but we are certain we've never seen such glorious posters:

Our calculations show that these posters are wonderful gifts for any occasion, or for no occasion at all.

We only have fifty of each design, so act now! Posters are 18" x 24". They are $20 each, or all four for $75. To order, simply click here and you will be spirited away to our High Fashions department. Page down, and you'll see the options: to order each individually, OR the full set. Our robots will package them up and send them right to your house! Humans might say "like magic," but we are robots and don't believe in magic, only science!

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