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16 January 2010

My Heart Feels Funny: A Robot Engagement!

Hello. Dr. Thaddeus Blotch here. Have you been by the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair lately? If not, this is what you're missing:

A  Robot Engagement.

That's right, Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair co-creaters Amy Sumerton and Jason DePasquale were engaged this weekend, and his proposal happened in the store window. Those of you who know me must know how many hours after seeing this disgustingly sweet abomination I spent dry heaving in my office.

For those of you who DON'T know me, the answer is seven. Seven hours of dry heaving. That's almost a full third of my work day!

Amy and Jason are the worst. I have fired each of them at least forty-seven times, and yet they keep coming back.

Fear not, minions: A new, un-nauseating window will be up soon.

And now, I must get back to work. I had just rounded an important bend on my experiment to turn time into money when this confection caused such a ridiculous setback. YOU SHOULD GET BACK TO WORK TOO.

I mean it, GET BACK TO WORK,
Dr. Thaddeus Blotch

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