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20 October 2010

Customer Recommendation: Is Your Bot in Need of a New T-shirt?

I know mine is. It seems that, no matter how many times my bot stocks her drawer with clean white shirts she's freshly laundered, every time I turn around, she is wearing a stained shirt. Oil stains, food stains, dirt stains, and, confusingly, occasional underarm stains. It is unnerving. It causes me to question my bot's ability to carry out the tasks I have painstakingly programmed her to do. Of course I understand that when undergoing any of the tasks -- yard work, car maintenance, huevos rancheros, etc -- my bot assumes each day, there is a possibility of defiling, I prefer to keep good ol' Deirdre spotless and tidy.

So I turned to the good people of the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and, wouldn't you know it, they had just the thing. While most of the clothing -- largely t-shirts and pullover and zip-up hoodies -- is sold to humans as opposed to robots, they have a new t-shirt I just couldn't not give to my bot, if you'll pardon the double negative. Here are two pictures:

I have five good reasons why these are the perfect fit for my robot, and probably yours:
  1. They are limited edition, so I know Deidre will feel special wearing it. (I also know this because I also picked up a Confidence Emotion Upgrade at the bot shop.)
  2. They are designed by folk songstress Neko Case. Coincidentally, I have programmed Deidre to wake me up with Neko's "Hold On, Hold On" from the album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. (I will admit that some of the guitar fingerings were difficult to program, but Deirdre has them down now, and I can tell you firsthand, it was worth every hour.)
  3. They come in blue and green, so stains are harder to notice, and the design itself hides most small smudges and bits of grime. They also come in sizing for men and women, so just about any make of cyborg or homo-sapien-ishly-shaped bot will have a well-tailored fit.
  4. At only $25 a pop, I was able to outfit Deirdre in one of each color!
  5. All proceeds benefit the free student programs at 826michigan. I myself am not a fan of the company of children, which makes it even more important to me that they are raised well (by other people) in creative environments.
So hurry on in to the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair! From one satisfied customer to a prospectively satisfied customer, you will not be disappointed!

-- William Flemming, Ann Arbor, MI
LSRS&R Regular

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