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11 October 2010

Liberty Street Getaways, Or: The Gearbots Plan a Vacation

At long last! A new robot shop window! Please meander by the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and check out Liberty Street Getaways, Or: The Gearbots Plan a Vacation. Our windows are notoriously difficult to photograph, so bear with us!

This window features a rotating globe, complete with our very own Bot Airplane (for sale in the store, most often used by humans on bikes).

And allow us to introduce you to THIS guy, who's got a LOT of ideas for vacations you could go on:

Nerds rejoice! More nerdy in-jokes than you could shake a stick at. (And, honestly, why would you spend your time shaking sticks at jokes? What a futile activity. Stop by our window instead and laugh at them!)

And then, of course, our friends the Gearbots, perusing brochures:

And the centerpiece of it all, our amazing, limited-edition, made-exclusively-for-us Robot Travel Posters, designed by the talented and local Ben English:

You can order your own set of these screen-printed gems, while they are still around, here.

We've got, as ever, all sorts of new things! We just got in the latest issue of the Believer, lots of new McSweeney's titles, a large army of new tin robot collectibles, and some very delightful orange metal water bottles that say "Banana Juice: Fresh Squeezed by Robot Monkeys" -- complete with an image of a robot monkey squeezing a banana. And if you like that monkey (and we think you will), we also have Robot Monkey Tissues. Sneezing has NEVER looked so good, you can be sure.

Hope to see you soon!

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