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07 July 2011

Art Fair Stock-up -- Cash in Early!

Greetings, friends!

Surely all you locals are well aware that the Ann Arbor Art Fair is just around the corner. In fact, exactly two weeks from today, we will be "in the throes" of it, as it were. And it must come as no surprise that local businesses tend to have LOTS of traffic that week, and so they stock up. You'll be pleased to know that we are no different, and you might be even more pleased to know that we have already loaded up the store with said stock!

Consider it a nod to our dear townies. Come in this week for all sorts of new robo-goodies, like bibs, lunchboxes, plates, pencil holders, thermoses, utensils, duck speakers, and more; as well as shelves filled with your old favorites, like rainbow makers, R2-D2 watches, universal adapters, robot measuring cups, ice cube trays, and robot rubber duckies.

We've also done what we are referring to as a quasi-redesign, which is to say that Jason came in late one night and moved some heavy stuff around:

Stop by and let us know what you think!

And join us during Art Fair for our second-annual Robot Art Fair! We'll have local artists selling robot-themed shirts, lamps, cards, onesies, drawings, and more! We'll also have fun and easy robot art projects for young people, AND a sneak peek of Spider, an actual industrial robot (also featured in the upcoming Spiderman movie), who'll be starring in a robot store window in August!

Robot Art Fair is Wedneday, July 20 through Saturday, July 23 from 12pm to 6pm. Twenty percent of all sales go to the free student programs at 826michigan. Robot Art Fair also features free air conditioning and bathrooms.

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