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20 July 2011

HURRY HURRY to the Robot Art Fair!

It is with great urgency that I write this post. Our second-annual Robot Art Fair is in full swing upstairs. And when I say "full swing," I mean: Things are selling. And when I say, Things are selling, I mean: Somethings are in danger of selling out!

Our talented artists gave us, in some cases, very limited quantities of their artwork, and those just-mentioned limited quantities are being snatched up as I type this. So if you are itching to get some robot onesies or cards or paintings or one-of-a-kind drawings or papercrafts, hurry hurry!

If you are in the market to buy one of Cre Fuller's magnificent robot lamp creations, you don't have to hurry quite as much, as we have quite a few:

We also have a reasonable amount of stock for Deets' amazing robots, including a bunch of stellar new stuff, like hanging tube bots, robo-octopus plaques, and more! Deanne (of Deets) and I were just talking yesterday about how the first Robot Art Fair was one of her earliest shows, right about when she had just begun to make her adorable bots. It's been a big year for Deets! Come on in and see what we mean:

The talented Dylan S of Intl Robot brought bins and bins of robot t-shirts in all sizes, as well as hoodies and bags. His designs are fun and unusual, and sure to get you compliments wherever you go wearing one (I speak from experience). This is not me (or my shirt), but take a look:

The Robot Art Fair runs from 12-6pm today through Saturday. Twenty percent of proceeds go to the free student programs at 826michigan. In addition to artwork, we have Spider, an industrial robot, on display, and a slew of robot-themed activities for the whole family, including story starters, robots to color, robots to draw, other writing activities, and more!

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